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This page offers a pre-shoot checklist in preparing each home for a fast and efficient real estate photo shoot


Cleaning supplies, mail, shoes, clothing, fridge magnets. All mentioned can be distracting to the eye, a good rule of thumb here is when in doubt, clear it out.

Move that Gran Torino

Make sure to park any vehicles in the garage or away from the home during the time of the photoshoot

Hide trash cans

Whether your inside or outside, hiding trash bins is always recommended

Turn off TV's

Everyone loves a good TV show but a frozen scene of Grey's Anatomy in your image will just end up distracting potential buyers. All TV's and computers in the home look best and are less distracting with a blank screen.

Open the Blinds

The more natural light the better!

Toilet seats down

A bathroom shot with the seat open may as well be flushed!

Turn ceiling fans off

A big twirling blur right on the ceiling can distract buyers from the rest of the room they should be focusing on

Turn on the lights

The key to good photography is light!

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